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Xaveon can schedule a remote tour of the facility, either for security reasons or even as part of a sales and marketing presentation.


As the senior administrator of a computer manufacturing plant, Mark Simpson must make sure things get delivered. Everyday his plant produces hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, ranging from monitors to keyboards to CPUs. He is expected to deliver the necessary supplies to vendors and resellers in a timely and efficient manner. Recently, however, theft has become a problem; unidentified criminals are able to steal company merchandise even though the manufacturing plant has security guards patrolling the premises. After carefully reviewing the amount of merchandise stolen, Mark determined that a plant as large and productive as his could not realistically expect to have a handful of security guards to secure the company’s entire inventory. Moreover, hiring more security guards would require a burdensome increase in cost to the plant, cutting into profits and endangering the jobs of blue-collar workers at the plant.


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