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Dan Belmont is a thirty-year old paraplegic. Unable to care for himself, Dan requires the services of a nursing home for many daily activities, but runs a successful career as an online journalist. Dan lost mobility below his neck during a surfing accident that broke his neck. Ever since, Dan has sought a greater degree of independence from his physical restraints.

Choking is a frightening reality for Dan. Because he has little control of his neck muscles, swallowing food is not only difficult—it can be deadly. Dan has no guarantee that a nurse will be able to aid him if he begins to choke, especially because he has no way of pressing a button to alert the necessary help.

Then one day, while perusing information online for an article he was writing, Dan stumbled upon the Xaveon Security website. There he found information about the MediGUARD™, a service that monitored patients, like him, twenty-four hours a day. In case of an emergency, a Xaveon employee monitoring Dan’s health would alert the nurses. Dan was excited about the prospect of being protected from the potentially fatal threat of choking or any other medical emergency, and signed up for the service.

A month later, Dan was up late working on an article. Because he must compose the articles with a speech program rather than a keyboard, Dan became parched and decided to have a glass of water. When he reached the refrigerator, Dan also noticed the nurses had left out some chocolate chip cookies. Always his favorite, Dan eagerly drank his water and ate the cookies. A piece of the cookie, however, lodged itself in his throat. Dan immediately began choking. He coughed violently, but to no avail. He couldn’t breath and started to panic.

Christian, a Xaveon MediGUARD™ Specialist, was on duty to monitor Dan’s nursing home. Christian saw what was happening and immediately took action and woke Dan’s nurse while and he dispatched an ambulance. One of the nurses performed the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged the cookie. The ambulance arrived to find Dan shaken up but ok.

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