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Luis Sanchez is a building manager for a large shopping mall in Hollywood, California. His position is one of mediation: he must reconcile the demands of the facility owners with the wishes of the vendors. As a self-made man, Luis prides himself on his problem-solving skills. So when a slow summer threatened some vendors with outstanding rent payments, Luis was the first to consider options for these vendors.

He first looked into their monthly rent payments. The rent for a small store was reasonable by shopping mall standards, particularly for a facility in such a prime location. Then Luis investigated the cost of amenities, which included a gardening service, parking passes, and security guards after-hours. All of these amenities were needed in some capacity, but by far the most costly of these services was paying for security guards by the hour. After the mall closed, six security guards patrolled the mall. Theft had never really been a problem, but the daily costs of such an operation were tremendous. Luis knew if he could find a more financially reasonable alternative, then most of the vendors who were threatening to leave the mall would be willing to stay.

Luis looked into how many local businesses were handling security. Their operating costs were extremely high, and yet they were able to stay afloat and remain secure by using the RemoteGUARD™ Service offered by Xaveon Security. After talking to many local business owners, he was surprised to learn that they felt RemoteGUARD™ was better than a security guard because it used monitored surveillance to protect the store, twenty-four hours a day. Moreover, RemoteGUARD™ was much more affordable than a security guard and also much more effective at calling the necessary help should an emergency arise.

Luis presented this information to the building owners, who agreed to switch over to the new service so long as the vendors complied as well. When Luis informed the mall vendors about the new RemoteGUARD™ service, they were overjoyed that their stores would remain open and that their amenity costs would be significantly lowered.

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