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Mr. Chao

Mr. Chao is the owner of a successful convenient store on North and Broadway. Recently he’s been having trouble with shoplifters. Inventory counts keep decreasing each day while revenue has not gone up. Mr. Chao decides to secure his store using Xaveon’s RemoteGUARD™ service. Mr. Chao and Xaveon identifies that most of the items turn up missing during the hours of 10PM to 6AM. Mr. Chao also has a problem with teenagers loitering in front of his store, usually leaving cigarette butts and litter. At 10PM each night John, a Xaveon Security Specialist, logs into Mr. Chao’s store and monitors 4 of his cameras.

At 10:34PM John notices that a group of teenagers are gathering in front of Mr. Chao’s store. John constantly monitors Mr. Chao’s store paying close attention to the group of teenagers that has gathered. At 10:51PM John notices that the group of teenagers have started littering and leaving soda cans in front of Mr. Chao’s store. At 10:52PM John decides to address the group of teenagers by using the RemoteCOMM™. John states, “Excuse me guys, this site is being monitored by Xaveon Security and doesn’t allow loitering. Could you please hang out some place else?” John was prepared to contact the local authorities in the event that the teenagers did not respond. He was happy to see that the group of teenagers apologized and dispersed.

At 12:32AM Mr. Chao was in the back taking inventory when a customer walked in. The customer had on a blue hooded jacket, sunglasses, and had his hands in his pockets. John became suspicious and carefully monitored the man’s actions. At 12:34AM, while Mr. Chao was still in the back John noticed that the man in the hooded jacket had slipped a 40 oz. bottle of beer into his jacket. John immediately initiated a RemoteCOMM™ as he prepared to send the video stream to a local police station and said, “Welcome to Chao’s Liquor. For our safety and yours, this site is being remotely monitored by Xaveon Security.” John could see the terrified look in the stranger’s face as he quickly took the bottle of beer from his jacket and placed it back on the counter. Mr. Chao, hearing the RemoteCOMM™, came out from the back with a welcoming smile on his face to ring up the customer. At 12:38AM the man left Mr. Chao’s Liquor store after paying for the bottle of beer.

A month later a Xaveon representative contacted Mr. Chao to follow up with his service. Mr. Chao was happy to report that he no longer has a problem with theft and loitering. In fact Mr. Chao was pleased by the response that he had received from his customers inquiring on the new security system and how it works.

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