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Frank did a bit of research and narrowed his choices down to ADT, Brinks, and Xaveon as the companies he thought would best secure his home. After speaking with some of his neighbors Frank decided to call ADT and Xaveon for an estimate. A week later, after looking at the solutions that both companies provided, Frank was very interested in the Video Verification service that Xaveon offered, and decided to go with Xaveon. This would turn out to be an excellent decision.

A Xaveon technician came and installed sensors on all of the doors and windows at Frank’s house. As an added feature Frank wanted the Video Verification service to be installed as well. The Xaveon technician came back with a 4-camera surveillance system including a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and mounted a camera on each side of Frank’s house.

Three days before Christmas, while the whole family was out visiting Frank’s parents a security alert came into one of Xaveon’s West Coast call centers. William, a Xaveon Security Specialist received the alert and responded immediately. Will first connected to Frank’s house and started reviewing the activity around the perimeter of Frank’s house. As Will reviewed the last 5 minutes of the recorded video he saw what was a Caucasian man dressed in a Santa costume breaking and climbing into Frank’s living room window.

Will immediately contacted the police. Jill, a dispatcher at the police station responded to the call. Will gave an accurate account of what he saw as he prepared to send the video stream to the precinct. In an instant Jill, was watching exactly what had happened. Will waited as Jill talked to the dispatched officers on their way to Frank’s house. With the video on hand Jill was able to give a very accurate account of what happened and the description of the Fake Santa to the dispatched officers.

Two minutes later officer, Officers Rodriguez and White arrived just as Frank and his family arrived home. While in constant contact with the police and closely monitoring the perimeter of Frank’s house, Will informed the police that the Fake Santa was still in the house. The police advised Frank and his family to wait outside while they checked the house. As the two officers entered the house, Will was able to view the entire incident at Xaveon’s Central Station. Suddenly, as Will closely watched via the cameras, the Fake Santa ran out the back door. He quickly notified the two officers who pursued the Fake Santa and caught him in the back yard trying to climb over the fence. The Santa had with him a bag full of toys.

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