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Sam and Marissa

Sam and Marissa Holmes live in Orange County. Sam is an international consultant and Marissa is an attorney for the State of California. Sam and Marissa are the proud parents of a baby boy, Rob, who was born in September last year. Between long-distance flights and sixty-hour workweeks, both Sam and Marissa are unable to be full-time parents and require the services of a nanny.

However, after watching several documentaries about the abuse that sometimes occurs with nannies, Marissa was hesitant to hire a babysitter. She recognized the importance of professional care for her child, but also realized that the limited hours of daycare would not work. After carefully browsing security websites for a case at work, Marissa stumbled upon the Xaveon Security Website. There she found information about the RemoteGUARD™ service. The RemoteGUARD™ service offered surveillance monitored by a professional at all times. If there were any sign of trouble, the Xaveon employee would immediately alert the authorities. Moreover, the RemoteGUARD™ service was affordable. Marissa quickly showed Sam the service. After carefully going through all of the benefits RemoteGUARD™ could provide, Sam and Marissa decided to hire a nanny named Katrina to watch over Rob.

Sam checks up on his son on every international flight. With live feed monitoring, RemoteGUARD™ shows Sam how his child is doing and also how Katrina is caring for the boy. Marissa also watches Rob sometimes on her break and loves to see her child smiling. Marissa always turns off her laptop smiling as well, free from the worries of nanny abuse because RemoteGUARD™ will always be there.

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