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Tanya Laurel is in her late seventies and lives in a home for the elderly. She enjoys playing bridge with her friends and going on walks in the courtyard. However, a recent fall in the shower broke Tanya’s hip and she is recovering from the injury. Her nurse, Gloria Nevitz, suggested that Tanya look into a new MediGUARD service offered by Xaveon security. The MediGUARD service has a special feature designed for customers like Tanya, who require twenty-four hour monitoring and, if they feel threatened or ill, can press a button to alert Xaveon of an impending emergency. At first Tanya scoffed at the idea, but when her children and grandchildren pleaded with her to reconsider, she decided the MediGUARD service would be a good idea.

Weeks later, Tanya was returning for a game of horseshoes when she approached her bed. As she began to slip into the sheets, she turned and dislocated her broken hip. Tanya was in too much pain to scream, but was able to immediately press a button that alerted Xaveon to send an ambulance and wake Gloria up immediately. Gloria ran into Tanya’s room and comforted her until the paramedics arrived. After she was released from the hospital, Tanya maintained an active lifestyle, knowing in the back of her mind that Xaveon and the MediGuard service was watching over her.

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