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Erica Miller is the owner and primary operator of a series of small gas stations along I-15 Freeway between Hemit and Las Vegas. Along with her husband Victor, Erica has maintained and expanded her business for fifteen years with moderate success. The Millers have one employee, a Stacy Anderson, who works the early morning shift from midnight to seven in the morning. A hopeful college student at UNLV, Stacy is an excellent employee and works hard to pay her way through college.

However, in the last two weeks, Stacy has made repeated comments about a strange man loitering outside the gas station early in the morning. Stacy says the man is tall, wears a large overcoat, and sometimes spends long periods of time staring at her from outside. When she called the police, the man noticed she had picked up the telephone and fled on foot. Stacy has told Erica that she is too afraid to work and will have to stop working if something is not done about the stalker.

Erica looked into hiring a private security guard for the early morning hours, but found the prices for such a service to be far above what she was willing and able to spend. Then a friend, a manager at a casino, recommended the RemoteGUARD™ service by Xaveon Security. The RemoteGUARD™ offers customers a security guard that never tires and can cover all areas in the form of surveillance cameras that are monitored twenty-four hours a day by a Xaveon Security Specialist. At any sign of trouble in the live feed to headquarters, the Xaveon employee will immediately call emergency services and the necessary help will be dispatched. Erica was relieved to hear that the RemoteGUARD™ was not only more effective that a security guard, but also more affordable as well.
As soon as RemoteGUARD™ was hooked into the gas station, Erica explained to Stacy how the system operated and that she was being protected at all times and in all areas of the gas station. There were no “blind spots” where a stalker could hide because every angle of the facility was being monitored by a professional watching a live feed. Stacy appeared relieved and agreed to continue working at the gas station.

A few nights later, Stacy was counting the change in the cash register when she noticed movement at the far end of the gas station. Upon closer inspection, it was the stalker, dressed in his usual overcoat, walking towards the gas station. Stacy remembered to keep calm because she was being protected by the RemoteGUARD™ service. The stalker waited outside the door and began smoking a cigarette while watching Stacy through the glass. Suddenly, police cars surrounded him. He tried to run, but an armed police officer threw him to the ground and handcuffed him.
The police questioned Stacy and informed her that this man was a sexual assault suspect in two other cases. Stacy gave all the information she could and commented that she was amazed how quickly the police reached the area. The officer agreed, saying that an official from Xaveon Security made a call to the Las Vegas Police Department as soon as a man in an overcoat was seen approaching the gas station on foot.

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