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Denise is a teacher at a local preschool in Tulsa, OK. She takes care of over forty students from early in the morning to late in the afternoon. Denise takes pride in all of her students and displays all of their work proudly on the classroom wall. One day Denise was helping Alex, one of her star pupils draw a cup and kettle when she smelled smoke. She quickly turned around and saw smoke coming from the kitchen area. She ran into the kitchen and to her horror found the kitchen engulfed in flames. She quickly gathered all the children in two single file lines and rushed them out the front door.

Dan who is a Xaveon Security Specialist was quickly alerted to the problem at Denise’s preschool. Luckily Denise’s preschool was equipped with a Xaveon Security alert and video security system. He quickly contacted the local fire department while bringing the video up on his screen. As he informed the fire fighters of what was going on he could see Denise trying to round up all the children and trying frantically to get them out of the building.

Denise brought all the children outside and was doing a headcount when she realized that she only had thirty-nine out of the forty kids. She could feel a rush of panic flow through her body. At the same time she could hear Dan’s voice over the speakers saying that the fire fighters were on their way. As Denise turned around she could see the fire engine turning the corner.
While Dan was surveying the burning preschool he noticed movement under one of the tables. Dan zoomed in to check it out and quickly realized that it was a little boy. As Dan was in constant contact with the fire fighters on the scene he told them what he was watching. Fire Fighter Oliver was on the scene when he heard Dan on his radio, telling him that there was a little boy stuck inside. As Oliver ran through the burning building Dan was on the radio each step of the way guiding him to the exact table where little Patrick was hiding under. Oliver pushed over the table and carried little Patrick to safety. Staring at the now smoked filled room Dan’s heart was pounding as he waited for confirmation that everything was ok. Dan and everybody in the Xaveon team were relieved to hear that Oliver and little Patrick got out just in time.

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