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Danielle Johnson is a freshman at a university in eastern Florida. She is an honors student majoring in Psychology. Danielle lives right next to the university so she only has to walk a short distance to get home. Usually the university is pretty safe, but recently there have three cases of sexual assault and on and around campus.

Two months earlier Jenny, one of Danielle’s sorority sisters, was walking to lab late at night. Thinking about her lab project due the next day, she did not pay much attention to her surroundings. Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind, restraining her arms and putting his hands over her mouth. She shook her head loose from the man’s arms and screamed for help as he pulled her behind one of the large bushes. She could feel the man’s arms moving down closer to her chest. She felt the man stop and they both heard something shuffling in the bush. Instantly she realized that this was her only chance of escaping. She twisted violently as the man looked towards the sound. Before he realized it, Jenny had broken loose and started running. She cried as she ran breathlessly home.

Danielle was in the living room watching TV when Jenny came storming in. Jenny told Danielle exactly what happened and they both agreed that she should report it to the campus police. The policeman took down a report of exactly what happened and said that there would be an investigation.

Two weeks after Jenny’s attack, a girl was raped in the same spot.

The school’s administrators were furious at what had happened and demanded a solution. Tom Chaine, the Security Director for the University was appointed the task of finding a solution. Tom researched many companies including many different technologies to see what would do the job and fit their budget. After a few days of searching Tom was getting frustrated. It seemed that there was nothing out there that would fit the budget and drastically improve university security. Tom knew that hiring more campus police would not be possible to secure all parts of the university. He would have to hire another 26 security guards to be able to cover the vulnerable grounds of the campus. This would cost 3 times what he had to spend. Tom was feeling hopeless when somebody in his office recommended Xaveon Security to him. After hearing a brief description of RemoteGUARD™ from a colleague, Tom was very interested to learn more about Xaveon and RemoteGUARD™. Tom visited Xaveon’s website and requested an on- site risk analysis. The next day, David, a Xaveon Security Specialist met with Tom and carefully assessed and designed a new security system to secure all remote locations of the campus. This included 172 surveillance cameras in areas including parking garages and walkways. All 172 cameras were to be monitored by Xaveon 24 hours a day through the RemoteGUARD™ system. Tom was very happy that he was able to not only stay below budget but cover more ground then he had hoped.

During the one month installation there was another reported case of attempted sexual assault near campus.

A month after the installation was complete Danielle was walking to the library. It was 4:58AM and she had a report due at 7AM. It was still dark out when Danielle crossed the parking garage to get on campus. As she left the parking garage she noticed a man following her. She picked up the pace a little but when she looked back she saw that the man was getting closer. As she turned around she was horrified to see another man in front of her. He grabbed her and forced her to the ground.

At the same time, Ramon, a Xaveon Security Specialist in the West Coast Call Center watched the incident unfold. He immediately sent an alert to the campus police station. An alarm sounded at the police station and within two seconds the live video of what was happening appeared on the screen. Delia, an officer ran to her car, trying to move as fast as possible to save the girl on the video.

Ramon realizing that it would take the officers at least 3 minutes to get to the site and began to initiate a RemoteCOMM. As he watched the two men hold Danielle to the ground, he told the men, “You are being monitored and recorded. The police are on their way. If you stop now, you will be charged with attempted rape and assault. If you do not, you will be charged with much worse crime.” The two men stopped immediately and took off running. Delia arrived after the two men had fled and made sure that Danielle was ok. Ramon knew that he had to catch these guys. Using Xaveon's recognition software, Ramon scanned all the cameras and found them running at the southern part of campus. He transferred the video stream directly to the Tablet PC mounted on the police cruiser and sequenced the video so that the officers in the cruisers could see exactly where the two men were as they ran across campus.

After a brief chase the two sexual assaulters were caught and brought to jail. A week and a half later, Ramon received a card from Danielle thanking him for saving her.

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