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The Cooper family lives in a four-bedroom home in Irvine, CA. Jacob is a salesman for a biomedical company and Martha works as a third grade school teacher. Their children, Ross and Michelle, are both in preschool. Every evening, the Coopers sit together and watch television. The local news reported an incident of carbon monoxide poisoning in a house located only blocks away; fortunately the victim was the family pet, which became ill because of the gas, and not any of the residents. The news also mentioned that more than 200 Americans die every year from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fearful of another event occurring in their home, Jacob decided to look into an alert system that would alarm his family of any dangerous gases in the home. He spoke with several friends, who recommended Xaveon Security. Xaveon’s sophisticated detection equipment insures protection at all times. Moreover, Xaveon offers services so that dangerous chemicals can be detected before the family is at risk.

Jacob installed the Xaveon Alert System immediately. Three weeks later, at 3:40 in the morning, a pipe in the Cooper home cracked and began leaking deadly amounts of carbon monoxide. Instantly, a Xaveon employee noticed high levels of carbon monoxide on his terminal and sounded an alarm to wake the family. Martha was the first to wake up, and roused her husband and children out of their beds and into the front lawn. Seconds later, an ambulance pulled up. After the medics had determined the Coopers were healthy, the fire marshal inspected the piping. He noticed that the pipe that broke had frozen and become brittle, finally cracking as a result. A further investigation determined that the air conditioning units in many track homes around the area were faulty and froze nearby piping as a result, putting hundreds in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Thanks to Xaveon Alert System, the Coopers and many of their neighbors’ lives were saved from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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