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Armand owns a Mercedes dealership located in San Jose, California. He prides himself in offering the customers the best service and a no hassle guarantee. He welcomes his customers to just come and look around anytime they liked at his open lot on Lincoln Ave. Like many dealers, Armand has an open lot dealership in which the cars are parked outside so that anyone can walk right up to the cars and check them out.

Four months ago Armand started experiencing huge losses due to theft and vandalism. He would come in each morning to find many of the high priced Mercedes S Class broken into and various options taken out. To replace a Mercedes airbag would cost him around $2000 and each night at least two our three vehicles were broken into with various parts taken from rims to emblems.
After about a week Armand had had enough and decided to hire a security guard. He knew that a guard would cost him at least $3000 a month but he had already lost $14,000 in one week due to damages. Armand went online to search for a security guard company. After finding many guard services ranging from $15-$40 an hour Armand stumbled onto the Xaveon website. Intrigued by the RemoteGUARD™ service, especially the service tailored to car dealerships, Armand wanted to learn more. The next day Craig, a Xaveon representative, showed up at his dealership and inspected the facility. After telling Armand what Xaveon and RemoteGUARD™ could do for his dealership at a fraction of the cost of a security guard, Armand was very interested and wanted the system installed immediately. Two days later Armand’s dealership was being remotely monitored by Xaveon Security.

Armand specified that a lot of his customers like to shop at night without the hassle of a salesman breathing down their necks but he wanted Xaveon to keep an eye out for the thieves that had been haunting him for the past two weeks.

Xaveon monitored the site for two weeks. Welcoming Armand’s customers using the RemoteCOMM™ system, notifying them about hours of operation and letting them know that they can look around as much as they’d like.

Two weeks into the service Todd, a Xaveon Security Specialist, was working the third shift when he noticed a group of five teenagers walking around the dealership with crowbars, electric screwdrivers and jacks. Todd was very suspicious and contacted Armand immediately. Armand hearing about the situation jumped up from bed and immediately headed for his dealership. Usually Todd would use the RemoteCOMM™ system to notify people on the grounds that the dealership is being monitored by Xaveon but upon the request of Armand, Todd held off and watched carefully for any illegal activities. Once Todd saw the teenagers use the jack to prop up a Mercedes CLK class he instantly notified the police. Janice a dispatcher handled the call. Todd told her all about how Armand was experiencing theft problems and exactly what he was seeing on his screen. Two minutes later the police showed up at the dealership to catch the bandits in action. The five teenage boys had already taken off two of the four wheels on the Mercedes CLK500. Armand got there just in time to witness the boys’ arrest.

After about an hour of interrogation the boys confessed to all the thefts and told the police where they had been hiding the stolen car parts. Armand recovered $10,000 of stolen property the next day. Two months later Craig followed up with Armand to see how he was doing with the Xaveon service. Armand reported that he was very happy with the service. Word has spread that his dealership “had the most advance security system” and now that he was not afraid of theft or vandalism at night, he started a new marketing program called Midnight Shopping and welcomed customers to his dealership at night.

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