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Veronica Jenson is a wife, a mother of three, and a trainer. Three days out of the week, Veronica goes to the local gym where she teaches an aerobics and weight-training class until late in the night, usually leaving at around 11pm. Veronica accepts cash and checks as payment for her services the first and third Mondays of every month. Veronica usually stops by the bank after her class on Monday to deposit the payments. She always goes to the bank on Harrison Street where her friend Arnold is the branch manager because she gets special privileges for using ATM deposits rather than coming in and seeing a teller.

One cool Monday night just like any other, Veronica finished her class at 10:05PM and hung around to speak with one of her students. She finally left the gym at 11:13PM and headed for the bank to deposit the bi-monthly payments.

Veronica lives in a relatively nice neighborhood and Harrison was known to be a pretty safe street. Veronica never worried about depositing large amounts of money at night. That Monday night as she pulled into the parking lot of the bank where there was a parked car at the other end of the lot. Usually everybody at the bank is gone by 9:00PM and the parking lot is deserted. Paying no attention to it, she approached the ATM in a hurry so that she could get home and spend some time with her family.

As Veronica typed in her PIN she heard a voice come from loud speakers mounted on top of the ATM. The voice said “Thank you for using our facility. For your safety, Xaveon Security is monitoring this branch and ATM remotely. We would like to notify you that this facility is under constant surveillance by out security staff.” When Veronica heard that, she turned around to try and find the cameras. As she turned around she noticed a man approaching her. The man was wearing a hooded sweatshirt with his hands in his pocket. Veronica could see a worried look on his face as she watched him as he listened to the message. After the message ended the man turned around and headed back to his car on the other side of the parking lot.

Thirteen minutes earlier across the country at the Xaveon Central Station, Patrick (a Xaveon Security Specialist) was settling in with his hot coffee and starting his shift. Patrick was transferred to the banking division to monitor the bank on Harrison Street 3 months before when a woman was stabbed, killed and robbed in front of one of the ATMs. The cameras at the ATM captured an image of the killer but the tape wasn’t reviewed until the woman was found dead the next morning. Police were never able to catch or find the killer. All they had was a picture of him. With the Xaveon logs on hand Patrick knew that a brown car would pull up around 11 pm and a woman would get out to deposit her money. Tonight was different; Patrick noticed that there was a parked car on the other side of the lot before the brown car pulled up. After the woman got out, he noticed that a man got out of the other car and started following her. Patrick quickly scanned the suspect log and notice that this guy looked exactly like one of the men on the log and under his picture was the labeled “murderer.” Patrick quickly hit the alert button on the Xaveon system while using the Xaveon RemoteCOMM™ system and voiced a message to the woman and the man approaching her. After finishing his message Patrick was connected with the police station five blocks from the bank on Harrison Street. Patrick sent the dispatcher the picture of the murderer on file and the video feed of what he saw. As he was speaking to the dispatcher he could see that the man with the hooded sweater turning around and running back to his car. Patrick quickly zoomed in on the license plate and gave it to the dispatcher.

30 minutes later Patrick was notified that the police had traced the plates and apprehended the man. It turned out that the man was the same one in the picture and later confessed to the murder 3 months earlier after seeing all the irrefutable evidence.

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