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Our Robbery Monitoring is an extension of our RemoteGUARD™ service in which Xaveon continually watches the specified location and can identify threats in real time. Imagine having many eyes securing your property for less than half the price of one security guard. In addition to live monitoring, our system records all information over that period, making it easier for the police to identify culprits. This service also serves as a credible threat to criminals who know that they are being watched and recorded.


Mr. Chao is the owner of a successful convenient store on North and Broadway. Recently he’s been having trouble with shoplifters. Inventory counts keep decreasing each day while revenue has not gone up. Mr. Chao decides to secure his store using Xaveon’s RemoteGUARD™ service. Mr. Chao and Xaveon identifies that most of the items turn up missing during the hours of 10PM to 6AM. Mr. Chao also has a problem with teenagers loitering in front of his store, usually leaving cigarette butts and litter. At 10PM each night John, a Xaveon Security Specialist, logs into Mr. Chao’s store and monitors 4 of his cameras.

At 10:34PM John notices that a group of teenagers are gathering in front of Mr. Chao’s store. John constantly monitors Mr. Chao’s store paying close attention to the group of teenagers that has gathered. At 10:51PM John notices that the group of teenagers have started littering and leaving soda cans in front of Mr. Chao’s store. At 10:52PM John decides to address the group of teenagers by using the RemoteCOMM™. John states, “Excuse me guys, this site is being monitored by Xaveon Security and doesn’t allow loitering. Could you please hang out some place else?” John was prepared to contact the local authorities in the event that the teenagers did not respond. He was happy to see that the group of teenagers apologized and dispersed.


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