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This service alerts our station when a forced entry occurs. We will then call to confirm the alert, and pass it on to the authorities. If the alert service is purchased in combination with Video Verification, then our central station will verify the alert by touring the protected property remotely. If the alert is confirmed, the police will receive notification and be able to watch the video stream remotely at the precinct. This eliminates false alarms and gives the dispatched officer visual confirmation of the perpetrator, eliminating false arrest and confusion at the protected property.


Frank Rosario is a husband and a father of two. He lives in a two story, 4-bedroom house on the East Side of San Jose, CA. Six and a half months ago Frank decided to look into a security system to help ensure the protection of his family after a robbery had occurred in his neighborhood.

Frank did a bit of research and narrowed his choices down to ADT, Brinks, and Xaveon as the companies he thought would best secure his home. After speaking with some of his neighbors Frank decided to call ADT and Xaveon for an estimate. A week later, after looking at the solutions that both companies provided, Frank was very interested in the Video Verification service that Xaveon offered, and decided to go with Xaveon. This would turn out to be an excellent decision.


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