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Xaveon's RemoteGUARD™ service helps lower the cost for guard services. We provide the power of presence. With RemoteGUARD™ you will always have a guard on hand. He will never be late. Never need to go to the bathroom. Never takes a coffee break. And he will never fall asleep on the job. RemoteGUARD™ service allows your site to be connected to the Xaveon Monitoring Center in which our trained staff secures your facility. This service is equipped with 2-way communication and is available 24-hours a day. RemoteGUARD™ can welcome your customers and deter your predators. For less than 1/3 the price of a Security Guard, RemoteGUARD™ provides you with monitoring capabilities for 4 cameras at the site. The following cases will help you understand what RemoteGUARD™ can do for each application.

Remote Monitoring - Mr. Chao

Mr. Chao is the owner of a successful convenient store on North and Broadway. Recently he’s been having trouble with shoplifters. Inventory counts keep decreasing each day while revenue has not gone up. Mr. Chao decides to secure his store using Xaveon’s RemoteGUARD™ service. Mr. Chao and Xaveon identifies that most of the items turn up missing during the hours of 10PM to 6AM. Mr. Chao also has a problem with teenagers loitering in front of his store, usually leaving cigarette butts and litter. At 10PM each night John, a Xaveon Security Specialist, logs into Mr. Chao’s store and monitors 4 of his cameras.

At 10:34PM John notices that a group of teenagers are gathering in front of Mr. Chao’s store. John constantly monitors Mr. Chao’s store paying close attention to the group of teenagers that has gathered. At 10:51PM John notices that the group of teenagers have started littering and leaving soda cans in front of Mr. Chao’s store. At 10:52PM John decides to address the group of teenagers by using the RemoteCOMM™. John states, “Excuse me guys, this site is being monitored by Xaveon Security and doesn’t allow loitering. Could you please hang out some place else?” John was prepared to contact the local authorities in the event that the teenagers did not respond. He was happy to see that the group of teenagers apologized and dispersed.


ATM Monitoring - Veronica

Veronica Jenson is a wife, a mother of three, and a trainer. Three days out of the week, Veronica goes to the local gym where she teaches an aerobics and weight-training class until late in the night, usually leaving at around 11pm. Veronica accepts cash and checks as payment for her services the first and third Mondays of every month. Veronica usually stops by the bank after her class on Monday to deposit the payments. She always goes to the bank on Harrison Street where her friend Arnold is the branch manager because she gets special privileges for using ATM deposits rather than coming in and seeing a teller.

One cool Monday night just like any other, Veronica finished her class at 10:05PM and hung around to speak with one of her students. She finally left the gym at 11:13PM and headed for the bank to deposit the bi-monthly payments.


Virtual Guard Service - Luis

Luis Sanchez is a building manager for a large shopping mall in Hollywood, California. His position is one of mediation: he must reconcile the demands of the facility owners with the wishes of the vendors. As a self-made man, Luis prides himself on his problem-solving skills. So when a slow summer threatened some vendors with outstanding rent payments, Luis was the first to consider options for these vendors.

He first looked into their monthly rent payments. The rent for a small store was reasonable by shopping mall standards, particularly for a facility in such a prime location. Then Luis investigated the cost of amenities, which included a gardening service, parking passes, and security guards after-hours. All of these amenities were needed in some capacity, but by far the most costly of these services was paying for security guards by the hour. After the mall closed, six security guards patrolled the mall. Theft had never really been a problem, but the daily costs of such an operation were tremendous. Luis knew if he could find a more financially reasonable alternative, then most of the vendors who were threatening to leave the mall would be willing to stay.


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