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In addition to all the security threats faced by corporations (robbery, employee theft, vandalism, liability, etc.), the healthcare industry faces its own unique challenges. Xaveon has developed many custom solutions for the medical monitoring field. Our technology can help monitor critical situations and alert for assistance. Our solution includes video verification and other medical monitoring issues.

How does Xaveon provide more reliable service at a lower cost?

  • Our video verification service allows us to eliminate the costs associated with false alerts, and thus we can offer a more reliable service at a cheaper rate to our customers.
  • We leverage the power of the Internet (video and audio over broadband) by having your enterprise monitored remotely by our trained security team. This generates a lower cost structure and we pass the savings on to our customers.
  • We provide extra sets of real eyes, ears, and a voice to address your medical needs. Our system is interactive and thus our monitoring center can communicate with people at the medical site to warn of danger, or alert the proper personnel people if a medical emergency arises. Our monitoring center can also alert the physician on file and show a video stream of the medical emergency in progress.




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