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RemoteGUARD™ Launched

Xaveon Corporation
launches RemoteGUARD™,
a revolutionary security service that allows monitoring and video verification of remote sites. RemoteGUARD™ is a fraction of the cost of Security Guards.


MediGUARD™ Unveiled

Xaveon’s MediGUARD™ service saves lives by monitoring those
in critical need. Used by many retirement homes to ensure safety and decrease response time. MediGUARD™ is a must.


By the time you finish reading this sentence, one burglary will have been committed somewhere in the US. One out of every five homes will experience…
By the end of today, there will have been over 1 million shoplifting incidents, costing businesses over $10 billion annually. Your employees are 15 times…
The average settlement in a security related lawsuit is $1.2 million. Sabotage and vandalism are on the rise in the workplace. Companies run the risk…

In addition to all the security threats faced by corporations (robbery, employee theft, vandalism, liability, etc.), government agencies face an additional threat of terrorism. Xaveon’s interactive, real-time, remote 24-hr monitoring is a key weapon…


The healthcare industry faces its own unique challenges. Xaveon has developed many custom solutions for the medical monitoring field. Our technology can help monitor critical situations and alert for assistance. Our solution includes video verification…


Are you an integrator?
If you are then you might be interested in the Xaveon Partners program. Xaveon provides a one stop shop for all your integration and Central Station needs.
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