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In addition to all the security threats faced by corporations (robbery, employee theft, vandalism, liability, etc.), government agencies face an additional threat of terrorism. Xaveon’s interactive, real-time, remote 24-hr monitoring is a key weapon for building and personnel security as well as successful mitigation by first responders. Xaveon provides a reliable solution with savings of more than 50% compared to the cost of security guards.

How does Xaveon provide more reliable service at a lower cost?

  • We leverage the power of the Internet (video and audio over broadband) by having your enterprise monitored remotely by our trained security team. This generates a lower cost structure and we pass the savings on to our customers.
  • We provide extra sets of real eyes, ears, and voice to address your security concerns. Our system is interactive and thus our monitoring center can communicate with people at the surveillance location to warn of danger, criminal activity, and other suspicious security threats. Our monitoring center can also notify the nearest police station and show them a video stream of the event, making it easier to apprehend and convict criminals.
  • In the event of a terrorist attack, our remote monitoring team can guide people out of danger through RemoteCOMM™ (Xaveon’s interactive audio communications system).

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Robbery Monitoring
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