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Xaveon provides real time monitoring to secure universities and college campuses across the nation. Our Educational Institution Monitoring is an extension of our RemoteGUARD™ service. Xaveon secures campuses by working with campus police and school administrators. By integrating our RemoteGUARD™ service, campus police can concentrate on more urgent matters while Xaveon keeps a constant eye on the campus. In an event of a threat campus police is alerted immediately. The video stream of the event in progress is sent directly to the station and to dispatch vehicles.


Danielle Johnson is a freshman at a university in eastern Florida. She is an honors student majoring in Psychology. Danielle lives right next to the university so she only has to walk a short distance to get home. Usually the university is pretty safe, but recently there have three cases of sexual assault and on and around campus.

Two months earlier Jenny, one of Danielle's sorority sisters, was walking to lab late at night. Thinking about her lab project due the next day, she did not pay much attention to her surroundings. Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind, restraining her arms and putting his hands over her mouth. She shook her head loose from the man's arms and screamed for help as he pulled her behind one of the large bushes. She could feel the man's arms moving down closer to her chest. She felt the man stop and they both heard something shuffling in the bush. Instantly she realized that this was her only chance of escaping. She twisted violently as the man looked towards the sound. Before he realized it, Jenny had broken loose and started running. She cried as she ran breathlessly home.


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