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Our virtual guard service for car dealerships allows dealerships to welcome customers that want to shop at night. While the dealership is closed, customers can go and inspect the cars, and Xaveon watches and records the process. The dealership can then inspect the recordings to identify threats as well as potential customers. The customer can also log in from home and monitor the video stream.


Armand owns a Mercedes dealership located in San Jose, California. He prides himself in offering the customers the best service and a no hassle guarantee. He welcomes his customers to just come and look around anytime they liked at his open lot on Lincoln Ave. Like many dealers, Armand has an open lot dealership in which the cars are parked outside so that anyone can walk right up to the cars and check them out.

Four months ago Armand started experiencing huge losses due to theft and vandalism. He would come in each morning to find many of the high priced Mercedes S Class broken into and various options taken out. To replace a Mercedes airbag would cost him around $2000 and each night at least two our three vehicles were broken into with various parts taken from rims to emblems.


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