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Our ATM Monitoring is an extension of our RemoteGUARD™ service. Xaveon secures ATMs and banking centers by continuously monitoring each ATM. Our ATM Monitoring service is like having your own personal security guard standing next to you at the ATM. In the event of a threat or suspicious activity, the police as well as a voice notification will alarm. The event is also recorded on video and archived for prosecution purposes.


Veronica Jenson is a wife, a mother of three, and a trainer. Three days out of the week, Veronica goes to the local gym where she teaches an aerobics and weight-training class until late in the night, usually leaving at around 11pm. Veronica accepts cash and checks as payment for her services the first and third Mondays of every month. Veronica usually stops by the bank after her class on Monday to deposit the payments. She always goes to the bank on Harrison Street where her friend Arnold is the branch manager because she gets special privileges for using ATM deposits rather than coming in and seeing a teller.

One cool Monday night just like any other, Veronica finished her class at 10:05PM and hung around to speak with one of her students. She finally left the gym at 11:13PM and headed for the bank to deposit the bi-monthly payments.


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